Monday, 10 June 2013

Here to There

Well it’s been a while since we last met here. It’s all on me because I have been silent these past few weeks. I had to keep quiet so I could hear that small still voice that dwells inside of me. I’ve have made some crucial decisions and more importantly my spirit is causing me to reposition myself. 

I’ve prayed about it, asked for a sign and received it. As difficult as it may be I’ve decided to leave Gambia and move back to the states. Yep, out of Africa for now. Hold on, wait a minute, not my organization, just my physical being.

This is not an easy thing to do. I’ve lived here for almost 10 years. 9 years and 5 months to be exact. So I liken this part of my journey as gestation period in the womb of Mother Africa.  She has nurtured me and fed me with her many riches and now it is time to come forth.

This all feels weird and at times quite unreal or at least surreal. I imagine this is how a baby feels when it has reached full term in the womb. No matter how you turn, which ever way you stretch there isn’t enough room. It was my spirit that led me here and now it is leading me on, almost like a pull that I can’t resist. There are some greater things waiting on me, I can feel it and I must be where GOD wants me to be to receive these great blessings HE has for me and also to be a blessing to others. I knew that when GOD gave me the inspiration for It’s Nice To Be Nice International  that it was not only to be in Gambia, but in whatever part of the world HE chose to send me to. I’m being obedient so who knows where to from here. 

I’ve discovered and rediscovered so many things about myself. I’ve learned how deep, strong and widespread are my roots. Many of us from the African Diaspora long to reconnect with our African Heritage, to know our ancestral roots, but what I also discovered is that my roots are not only in Africa, but they are also in North America. So my love is far and wide. My family is there in the states and I can not ever forget that or them. They need me, I need them!

So, I’ve been packing, selling, shipping and storing my stuff for this major move. It’s hard enough moving from one residence to another, let alone moving from continent to another. And get this, I don't have an address in the states any longer. I'm moving on faith and know that GOD will provide me with what I need and much of what I desire. It’s sort of freeing getting rid of so much stuff though. Furniture, clothing, linen, house wares, office supplies, satellite dish, and electronics you name it. I’ve either sold it or given it away. And as I look around I still got too much stuff! Geez!!!! My vices are clothes, shoes, handbags and the like.  And oh yeah, my art! My art is a reflection of life and places I’ve been; nothing expensive in a material sense, but as I look around at it I see where I’ve been and it also tells me where I want to go.

This is why I’ve been silent all these weeks my friends. It was and is just way too much stuff going on to be able to sort through all the emotions, boxes and suitcases to share. I wanted to make this transition as calm and stress free as possible. To do that I prayed then I’d plan each step in order not to create chaos and be out of my house that I’ve rented here for 6 years on the target date that I set.

I did it and I’m on a countdown now and only have a few days left here. I’m excited by what’s coming next, yet weepy for what I’m leaving behind. Will I come back to Gambia? Of course all things by GOD’s will! I’ve got property here, I’m a citizen of The Gambia and my organization is here......

But right now I’ve got on traveling shoes.