Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Who threw the deck of cards up in the air?

Yep it’s been like that. A deck of cards unshuffled, some missing, some face up and some face down scattered all about. I’ve been waiting for a time to write so I could tell you how marvelous everything is and fill you in on some major accomplishments, but truth be told things have been weird. Nothing has gone as planned, but that’s what makes life interesting and helps to build character.  

I’ve been rolling with the punches and I haven’t felt a lick! Seriously, I’m so at peace in the midst of this chaos and that is beautiful. Years ago I probably would’ve blown my stack, did some self medicating and filled my life with distractions to escape some of this craziness, but now I stay focus and keep smiling because I know that great things are coming my way. Not because I see them or have been told that by anyone, but GOD’s promises never fail. I feel and know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment in time.

First thing is that the place where I was supposed to stay when I got here only existed in someone else’s mind and dreams. I hope that dream materializes for her more than I do for me. So after spending a few days in a hotel waiting for this dream to materialized I called out to GOD and said I know you didn’t bring me here for this. I also asked him for some wheels so I could get around and not feel confined. And like the good FATHER HE is, poof! The very next day I found a place and a car I could afford. Talking about grateful! 

Next thing was my shipment from Gambia. Now that was a headache because of miscommunication. I only found out last week where the shipment was and now I’ve got to pay all kind of crazy storage fees. Dang!

Then the publishing company that I had contracted with to publish my book last April sent me an email saying that they were not going to publish it because they didn’t have much success at publishing books of that particular genre. Huh, what!? They knew what they were getting when they asked me to contract with them. Hmph!!!!

Not to mention that my children’s lives are somewhat turmoil these days. Geez! This is the main reason why GOD has brought me back here. Just to be here for them. Whether they call me or not to reach out to me for me to help, I’m here!

I’ve so enjoyed cruising around the city, taking my grand daughter shopping for her birthday, going to church on Sundays and catching up with some old friends. Despite the fact that things have not gone the way I would’ve wanted it I so appreciate all that is in my life. And I know it only will get better!

People ask me if I miss Africa, well all I can say is that in spite of all the cards in the air I’m too busy enjoying the moment to miss anything!