Friday, 3 October 2014

Your Power!

Sweet blessings and peace to one and all! I pray that you’re looking upward to the Most High GOD and not at your circumstances or the world around you. Why you say do I pray that for you? Well, the world around you is a very tricky place. It can lure you in with its promises, but I have found that there is only ONE that is ever Faithful. And as far as focusing on your circumstances, those are changing things and times. Whether these times be good or bad, if you focus on the now and when things change and they will change your mood, peace and feelings will adapt to that change unless you’re focused on GOD who never changes. So in the midst of hard times, bad times, good times you’ll stay grounded in an unspeakable peace if you look toward HIM. I can testify to that and if you’ve read my book then you already know part of my testimony.

In my last post, “Gimme Some”, I told you that I bought my first property. Wooooohoooo, thank You Jesus! Not because I was lucky or had a bunch of money, but I was blessed!
First, I have to say that I heard that I would be an owner and not a renter in my spirit while I was still in Africa. When that quiet still Voice speaks to me I do my best to listen, trust, believe and be obedient to what I hear.

So what I did first was sign up for first time homeowner’s programs in the suburbs and city online before even leaving Africa. Next, I attended more than one session at different locations so I could learn as much as possible about home ownership. I listened carefully, that’s key and took notes. I not only listened to the instructors and their guest, but I also listened to the other attendees input that I also heard invaluable information from. At the end of these sessions you’ll receive some budget counseling and tips. Once your budgeting is in order you’ll get a certificate you will need to give to your selected lender to get state or federal benefits.  

Let’s stop right here so secondly we can talk about credit scores. As a consumer of any goods you should realize that money doesn’t actually exist. Yep, I said that! When buying a home or any big ticket item, even if you have cash, companies want to know your source and resources. I’m so sorry many of us treat our credit score as if it doesn’t count. ” I can say all this because I’ve been there, bad credit valley. A good credit score is your bargaining and buying power in this world.
The lower your score, the higher your interest rate for any credited account. And the interest rate is what drives up the cost of whatever you buy with a credited account, much, much higher and that’s if you can get some credit. If it’s in poor condition, the housing department that conducts the home owner’s sessions should be able to help you work on your budget to help improve your credit score and get you to the point that you are considered, “credit worthy. And you start thinking about what type of home you want to purchase don’t dig yourself into a hole. Remember, the bills will not come in the name of the “Jones”, but yours.

Like I said, I did it with only the necessary fees, no money down and nothing at closing. Okay, so now you’ve completed homeowners classes, got some credit counseling, got you act together with your spending and if need be jacked up that credit score, it's then time to find yourself a knowledgeable real estate agent and a lender that has the expertise in available grants and you can do it too!
*There are grants available by the federal government and individual states for homebuyers according to many income levels.

Friday, 5 September 2014

"Gimme Some!"

Oooohhhh, I know what you were thinking! But before we get into that, let me greet everyone that’s taking this time to keep up with me on my journey. I pray that you all are well and there is peace within you in the Name of Jesus.

It’s nothing wrong with wanting some, but the problem is when we can’t get enough or take what we have for granted. Doesn’t matter what “some” is as long as it’s good to us and sometimes good for us. Keep in mind what’s good for one person does not necessarily has to be or is the same for the next. It’s more than a matter of perception. 
I believe that’s why rich people become politicians, ‘because they want “some”! Money has lost its importance to them since they have so much of it, so they seek power. Politics and money equals politricks!

I’m not talking about give me some money, sex, honor or even a round of applause. What I’m talking about is gimme some more resource information! And not just me personally, but all those that are seekers of information. So many people lack because of information to invaluable resources. Some much important information seems to be hidden away. I felt that way when I was a teen aged girl in dire straits and I feel the same way now. People that are trying to dig their way out don’t usually have a shovel!

I said then that when I grew up I’d have an organization to help those in need, because I realized then that it is important to have access to resource information for guidance, support and other forms of assistance. Now when I said it many years ago I had no plan or idea that this indeed would be my life’s purpose, but truly, It's Nice To Be Nice (INTBN) International: is a gift from GOD and provides resources and resource information to the communities we serve.
But that’s not what I want to talk about, instead of you giving me some, I’m going to give you some! I got some information for you. A few weeks ago in my post, “I Did It”, I told you that every door that I had knocked on opened. I don’t take credit for any of those opened doors, but give all credit and honor to GOD! HalleluJAH! In that post I talked about publishing my first book, but there’s more!

I bought my first property! Yep, did it with no money down and didn’t pay anything at closing, thank You Jesus! I prayed for it, claimed it and received it. No joke and I’m not selling nothing, but passing on some info. So I want to share with you how I did it in my next post so stayed tuned so I can give you some!


Friday, 15 August 2014


Peace and blessings to all! I pray that no matter what situation, challenge or blessing that is upon you that it finds you in peace and resting in the Love of our ALMIGHTY GOD, in the Name of Jesus!

We must learn to let go in order to stay in peace. It’s when we hold on to worry, hurt and negative feelings that we feel so much of the weight of life’s burdens. This is something I’ve learned and believe me still working on. I’m not saying it’s easy, but each and every one of us deserves to be in peace and that peace is our responsibility to ourselves.  Stuff is messed up in the world, but that doesn’t mean that we should let that stuff mess us up. It is necessary to forgive ourselves just as we forgive others. When we let the external defeat our internal then we walk around with twisted faces and twisted ideas. And trust me a twisted face is not sexy.    
 A good conversation! Yep, to be able to converse with another individual of the opposite sex without hatred, gossip, cursing and lies is sure nuff sexy to me. Wait, don’t get me wrong I’m looking as well, but if the mouth opens and garbage falls out it's over. A nicely groomed person will stick out in the crowd, but so will a disheveled one. Don't get me wrong, a good conversation is fantastic with anyone! What comes out of a person’s mouth speaks for that individual.

Imagine you’re out alone some place just chilling and taking in the atmosphere when you’re approached by someone that you’ve noticed more than a few times because they’re just too fine not to be noticed.  You make eye contact, your heartbeat races as they approach you, but before you can finish plastering on that winning smile of yours, you’re greeted with, “g-- d---, you’re a-- is fine! What the f--- is your name!?“  Huh, what!? Poof!
Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Communication is key in any type of relationship. To be able to chat about world affairs and varied ideas is very enticing. Words are lures just as bait is to fish. You can catch or repel with them.

Being able to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a constructive and positive light can save your life. and possibly someone else's.   

Your mouth and ears are sexy! Being able to listen to another’s point of view even if it’s different from yours is sexy, because that means you’re open and willing to share. Who knows, you may learn something. If we can’t exchange opposing ideas then we are selfish. And when we refuse to listen or even try to understand another’s point of view it breeds conflict. Not saying you have to agree, but understanding is important, or least trying. That’s part of the world's problem, why there are so many killings and so many wars and neither is sexy.    
Say what!?

Monday, 28 July 2014


Peace and blessings to all. I hope your journey is well and peaceful if any thing has happened to you disturb you since that last time you read my blog I pray that your tensions are released as you move forward in your journey in the Name of Jesus, Amen.

These days we have to not only stay in peace but also seek it. Yep, it’s so much going on in the world, our environments, our families and our lives that easily distract us from our peace. Not only do we need to stay in peace, but we also must be mindful to be peacemakers, no matter how small or large the discord.

If you love, truly love that means you care, and that equates to caring about humanity. So we, let’s call ourselves “lovers” since we have established that we love. Now if you’re a lover it’s impossible to go through every day and not care about the state of the human conditions. Wars, famines, severe weather, hunger, sickness, poverty, and the list goes ons. Natural and man made disaster are causing people to live uncomfortable lives. But that’s not what I’m going to focus on, because we all have remarkable coping skills, some way much better than others. 
I don’t get why some seem to invite what I perceive as chaos or darkness into not only their lives, but their environment.  Currently I live in Chicago and if you watch the news any place in the world you should know that this city has become a murder capital. But that’s no surprise this city has been made itself known before because of that. Young people killing young people, umph, umph, umph. So sad, it makes me sad, but at the same time I see and hear the beauty in the trees.

I’m just saying! Stuff is ugly you guys, real ugly so let’s work harder at rejecting darkness and also helping others reject darkness and embrace some light! We need to love more, to love better and harder. People pass by each in hallways, on the street and would prefer to drop their head instead of extending a greeting to the next person. I mean literally look you in the face and at the moment you’re going to pass each other they will either look away or drop their head. Your smile, your hello can mean a lot to a person. You never know what that person is experiencing in their life and your warmth just may be their lifeline. Let’s take time to greet one another. Okay, do we lovers have a deal?!

Peace starts from within, and like love, if you don’t have it you can’t give it. You can never stop to smell the roses if you don’t see them. Understand? We have to be attentive to peace and each other. Now some people and things you’ll have to make a certain kind of peace with and keep it moving. Got me?!

All I’m saying is that there is so much to love and enjoy in this life, even in the midst of our troubles. Look at the beauty in the skies, the colors around you, listen to the birds and focus on what’s good and or the good you’re expecting to come.
GOD is a great GOD and whether you believe me or not HE does not want us to suffer. HE created us to praise HIM, and in HIS infinite wisdom HE knows we’re less likely to praise HIM things are going badly. So HE wants us to be well and to live peacefully not just alone, but each other.

I'm Just Saying

Monday, 7 July 2014


Yes I did and I’m so thankful! First, all honor and praises go to GOD, because all good and perfect gifts are from and through HIM! My life is a testimony and so is yours if you acknowledge it.
Not only did I do it, but I did some more. Yep, every door that I knocked on opened. What I set my mind to came to fruition. Now some of these things have been in my prayers and on my heart for years. Others came to me through my spirit and I trusted and believed what I heard would come to pass, all I had to do was obey the quiet voice I heard inside of me. Remember I told you a couple of weeks ago that I had to still myself, tune out the external so I can hear that soft Spirit that speaks to me, comforts me and guides me.
Let me tell you that when the spirit speaks, be quiet and listen. No one can ever know more than the creator and we are all created with a plan for our use and purpose in this life. I’m so thankful that I understand my purpose so far and wait for the revelation for what’s ahead of me for my future. That’s exciting news! I don’t want or need a psychic, humph, what I got is the essence of all truths. HalleluJAH.
Many years ago, in the eighties to be exact I desired to start my own business. I had no business skills or any idea of what kind of business I wanted to start. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to be self-sufficient. I didn’t have any resources, but I had me. So I decided I would be my business. Yep, me. No I wasn’t I going to sell my body, believe me I’ve done that before and it didn’t work out well at all. What I decided to do was tell my story, the truth about my life; an open door access to my failures and successes. Besides I know that my journey is not just for me, but a benefit to someone else. Sure, sure, everybody’s got a story, but not everyone is willing to tell the world. I’ve swept my closet clean and the skeletons have tumbled out because I opened the door and no one else.
So I’ve done it after twenty or so some odd years of editing, rewriting, fear, rejection and skepticism, I’ve published my first book! Never A Mile From Home (my first book), is a true blessing for me and I hope it blesses you as well.Yay for me, I’m so proud of myself! It’s the first of a series of three books and this first one in the series was the hardest to write I believe. It reveals a very painful past of poor self-esteem, abuse, prostitution and prison. I’m so thankful that my pain is in the past and that it did not carry with me throughout my life. I’m so sorry for those that can’t or don’t know how to release their pain or how to be healed. Even sorrier for those who are content or wallow in their pain. It’s like the old adage of the person sitting on the tack complaining of how bad the tack feels. You’ve got to get off of it, or at least shift positions.  
I shifted my way of thinking and now I'm an owner and not a renter. Uh huh, next I'll fill you in on how I bought my condo with no money down, and no closing fees!
Trust me, you don’t have to stay down unless that’s where you want to be. You can stand! You can stand and help others stand. Don’t be afraid to change directions, what you believe or your situation and never fail to stretch out your hand to pull someone else up!
What are your hands doing?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More to come....

Hi! I’ve really missed sharing with you, but it was a lot going on and I had to get my directions from on HIGH. When I’m searching for an answer I have to still myself, tune out the external so I can hear that soft Spirit that speaks to me, comforts me and guides me.

It’s all been worth it and I’m quite sure that you will agree with me after a few post as we play catch up.

If you’re familiar with my blog or you’re just getting into the groove with me, let me say welcome.  Always know that you’re invited to ask me questions or make comments.

Let’s see where to start?     

It’s been a year since I’ve returned to the States from Gambia, West Africa, and what a year it’s been. Fruitful indeed!

I came back to the states not knowing what to expect, but that’s life anyway. We can plan, make arrangement or set things up, but that does not mean that your plans, arrangements, or set ups will be as you wanted or expected. That is how most of life has been. Shucks, for a great portion of my life so far, I have not planned its course. In my way of thinking I believed that since GOD predestined our future any way, it’s futile to plan what’s next. I do believe that I’ve eluded to this about me in an earlier post. But these days I do make plans, but I know that GOD’s will be done.

My planned living arrangements fell through completely! I had a hotel room for a few days, but who can afford that. And who wants to live in a hotel room for an extended period? I felt trapped, caged! I could feel the energy and life of the city all around, yet I felt removed from it.

Uh uh, no, I wasn’t having that, so first things first, I prayed. Yep that’s first for me. I first expressed my thanks to GOD for making all things and praising HIM for HIS goodness, then I began to talk to HIM about my situation. I needed some transportation and I needed a place to live immediately! I trusted HE would provide and I got busy looking for both. Looking for an apartment with a short term lease wasn’t going to be easy. I had plans and they didn’t include a long term lease.

The next day I bought a reliable used vehicle and moved into temporary housing! Yes, just like that.

Now I could get down to business, spread my wings! After all that’s one of the reasons why I came back to the states from Africa. That, my family and my health. Aspects of each of these where limited while living there. Now we all know that Africa is a very, very large continent,  but I had grown so much in the time I spent there that it didn’t, no place for that matter have enough space for my wingspan.

HalleluJAH, I was getting ready to fly!     
Come soar with me!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

On yor mark, get ready, set........

No not go yet, but in a few days it's going to be more than an earful.

I've been away from my blog for some time, but I needed my super powers to bend steel. So now since the metal has been reconfigured to my liking I can get back to filling you in on my journey.

It has been awesome! I didn't say easy, but that's what makes it so awesome. 

GOD has been and is so good to me!

Stay tuned!