Friday, 24 July 2015

Been there, done that!


Well here we are again by GOD’s will and power. Peace and blessings to each and every one of you and may that same peace rest upon your homes and families. I do believe that is one of two things we can agree that we need more of in the world today, peace. Number one is love and if there was more love I do believe peace would abound.

 So, right now as you read this and I’ll do it as I’m writing let us join together where ever you are and whatever you might be doing and just for thirty seconds pray for love and peace for all………………………… Amen!

I must say that these past two weeks have been so much better for me because I’ve been in less pain from my fall over a year ago. Phew, it’s been a long haul, but thanks be to GOD for bringing me through. I’ve been out and about more lately since moving isn’t as big a chore as it had had been these past few months. So while being out and more in the know what I see and hear are familiar acquaintances doing the same things they were doing twenty years ago or better. Huh, what?! Yep, same move and groove.

Now I’m not judging anyone but, wow. I’m far from perfect and I know it! Since I know it I’m open to avenues of growth. I try to listen more and talk less, trust me that’s not easy! But like the old saying goes, “You have two ears and one mouth”. It used to be a time I didn’t really care what others thought of me, but that was a long time ago and yes I’ve grown. In my maturity I want to be a positive influence, an inspiration to others so I do care what others think. You cannot make an impact if people are not willing to listen to you. That’s why I don’t get replaying the past like a worn out cassette tape.

We are never too old or educated to learn and grow. Evolution is part of our very existence! It’s proven that things change and rarely begin and end the same. A baby doesn’t stay a baby; a caterpillar turns into a butterfly and a flower blooms from a bud. Things change and as people so should we, for the better that is. I've not only changed my talk, but also my walk and who I walk with.

Let each of us take a look at ourselves on a regular basis and check ourselves inside and out. Let us be able to put ourselves in check as need be before someone else or GOD checks us. Let’s learn to listen to constructive criticism spoken in love, because those that care about you may be able to see something you can’t. Let us admit our mistakes, understand our weaknesses and take responsibility for our choices and actions. Forgive yourself and others. Don’t be afraid of and to change, often times it’s for the better. Let old wounds close, stop picking at old scars creating new scabs and allow yourself to heal from past hurts, disappointments and failures.

Let us not keep reliving and living in the past and look forward to and embrace our future!         

"The future is so bright I have to wear shades"