Friday, 3 October 2014

Your Power!

Sweet blessings and peace to one and all! I pray that you’re looking upward to the Most High GOD and not at your circumstances or the world around you. Why you say do I pray that for you? Well, the world around you is a very tricky place. It can lure you in with its promises, but I have found that there is only ONE that is ever Faithful. And as far as focusing on your circumstances, those are changing things and times. Whether these times be good or bad, if you focus on the now and when things change and they will change your mood, peace and feelings will adapt to that change unless you’re focused on GOD who never changes. So in the midst of hard times, bad times, good times you’ll stay grounded in an unspeakable peace if you look toward HIM. I can testify to that and if you’ve read my book then you already know part of my testimony.

In my last post, “Gimme Some”, I told you that I bought my first property. Wooooohoooo, thank You Jesus! Not because I was lucky or had a bunch of money, but I was blessed!
First, I have to say that I heard that I would be an owner and not a renter in my spirit while I was still in Africa. When that quiet still Voice speaks to me I do my best to listen, trust, believe and be obedient to what I hear.

So what I did first was sign up for first time homeowner’s programs in the suburbs and city online before even leaving Africa. Next, I attended more than one session at different locations so I could learn as much as possible about home ownership. I listened carefully, that’s key and took notes. I not only listened to the instructors and their guest, but I also listened to the other attendees input that I also heard invaluable information from. At the end of these sessions you’ll receive some budget counseling and tips. Once your budgeting is in order you’ll get a certificate you will need to give to your selected lender to get state or federal benefits.  

Let’s stop right here so secondly we can talk about credit scores. As a consumer of any goods you should realize that money doesn’t actually exist. Yep, I said that! When buying a home or any big ticket item, even if you have cash, companies want to know your source and resources. I’m so sorry many of us treat our credit score as if it doesn’t count. ” I can say all this because I’ve been there, bad credit valley. A good credit score is your bargaining and buying power in this world.
The lower your score, the higher your interest rate for any credited account. And the interest rate is what drives up the cost of whatever you buy with a credited account, much, much higher and that’s if you can get some credit. If it’s in poor condition, the housing department that conducts the home owner’s sessions should be able to help you work on your budget to help improve your credit score and get you to the point that you are considered, “credit worthy. And you start thinking about what type of home you want to purchase don’t dig yourself into a hole. Remember, the bills will not come in the name of the “Jones”, but yours.

Like I said, I did it with only the necessary fees, no money down and nothing at closing. Okay, so now you’ve completed homeowners classes, got some credit counseling, got you act together with your spending and if need be jacked up that credit score, it's then time to find yourself a knowledgeable real estate agent and a lender that has the expertise in available grants and you can do it too!
*There are grants available by the federal government and individual states for homebuyers according to many income levels.