Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More to come....

Hi! I’ve really missed sharing with you, but it was a lot going on and I had to get my directions from on HIGH. When I’m searching for an answer I have to still myself, tune out the external so I can hear that soft Spirit that speaks to me, comforts me and guides me.

It’s all been worth it and I’m quite sure that you will agree with me after a few post as we play catch up.

If you’re familiar with my blog or you’re just getting into the groove with me, let me say welcome.  Always know that you’re invited to ask me questions or make comments.

Let’s see where to start?     

It’s been a year since I’ve returned to the States from Gambia, West Africa, and what a year it’s been. Fruitful indeed!

I came back to the states not knowing what to expect, but that’s life anyway. We can plan, make arrangement or set things up, but that does not mean that your plans, arrangements, or set ups will be as you wanted or expected. That is how most of life has been. Shucks, for a great portion of my life so far, I have not planned its course. In my way of thinking I believed that since GOD predestined our future any way, it’s futile to plan what’s next. I do believe that I’ve eluded to this about me in an earlier post. But these days I do make plans, but I know that GOD’s will be done.

My planned living arrangements fell through completely! I had a hotel room for a few days, but who can afford that. And who wants to live in a hotel room for an extended period? I felt trapped, caged! I could feel the energy and life of the city all around, yet I felt removed from it.

Uh uh, no, I wasn’t having that, so first things first, I prayed. Yep that’s first for me. I first expressed my thanks to GOD for making all things and praising HIM for HIS goodness, then I began to talk to HIM about my situation. I needed some transportation and I needed a place to live immediately! I trusted HE would provide and I got busy looking for both. Looking for an apartment with a short term lease wasn’t going to be easy. I had plans and they didn’t include a long term lease.

The next day I bought a reliable used vehicle and moved into temporary housing! Yes, just like that.

Now I could get down to business, spread my wings! After all that’s one of the reasons why I came back to the states from Africa. That, my family and my health. Aspects of each of these where limited while living there. Now we all know that Africa is a very, very large continent,  but I had grown so much in the time I spent there that it didn’t, no place for that matter have enough space for my wingspan.

HalleluJAH, I was getting ready to fly!     
Come soar with me!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

On yor mark, get ready, set........

No not go yet, but in a few days it's going to be more than an earful.

I've been away from my blog for some time, but I needed my super powers to bend steel. So now since the metal has been reconfigured to my liking I can get back to filling you in on my journey.

It has been awesome! I didn't say easy, but that's what makes it so awesome. 

GOD has been and is so good to me!

Stay tuned!