Friday, 5 September 2014

"Gimme Some!"

Oooohhhh, I know what you were thinking! But before we get into that, let me greet everyone that’s taking this time to keep up with me on my journey. I pray that you all are well and there is peace within you in the Name of Jesus.

It’s nothing wrong with wanting some, but the problem is when we can’t get enough or take what we have for granted. Doesn’t matter what “some” is as long as it’s good to us and sometimes good for us. Keep in mind what’s good for one person does not necessarily has to be or is the same for the next. It’s more than a matter of perception. 
I believe that’s why rich people become politicians, ‘because they want “some”! Money has lost its importance to them since they have so much of it, so they seek power. Politics and money equals politricks!

I’m not talking about give me some money, sex, honor or even a round of applause. What I’m talking about is gimme some more resource information! And not just me personally, but all those that are seekers of information. So many people lack because of information to invaluable resources. Some much important information seems to be hidden away. I felt that way when I was a teen aged girl in dire straits and I feel the same way now. People that are trying to dig their way out don’t usually have a shovel!

I said then that when I grew up I’d have an organization to help those in need, because I realized then that it is important to have access to resource information for guidance, support and other forms of assistance. Now when I said it many years ago I had no plan or idea that this indeed would be my life’s purpose, but truly, It's Nice To Be Nice (INTBN) International: is a gift from GOD and provides resources and resource information to the communities we serve.
But that’s not what I want to talk about, instead of you giving me some, I’m going to give you some! I got some information for you. A few weeks ago in my post, “I Did It”, I told you that every door that I had knocked on opened. I don’t take credit for any of those opened doors, but give all credit and honor to GOD! HalleluJAH! In that post I talked about publishing my first book, but there’s more!

I bought my first property! Yep, did it with no money down and didn’t pay anything at closing, thank You Jesus! I prayed for it, claimed it and received it. No joke and I’m not selling nothing, but passing on some info. So I want to share with you how I did it in my next post so stayed tuned so I can give you some!