Monday, 22 April 2013

People make the world go round!

Hello! What a week huh!? I didn’t post last Monday because it was just too much going on and like most of the world that has access to international news or if you’re in the states national news I was focused on last Monday’s events on my television. 

It was sad how some people were responding to this tragic event. You know what I mean, those old clich├ęs like, “chickens coming home to roost” and so forth. While everyone’s opinion is just that, theirs, sometimes it’s best to be quiet, especially when there is loss of life. We should be comforting and supportive or quiet. I’m quite sure if a tragic event happened in their lives these are not words they would care to hear. I’m just saying.

Well let’s move forward and that’s what this post is mainly about, moving forward. And I’m talking about moving forward together so I’ll be writing about the mind of, “the people” and “a people”.

Huh, what!? You say you didn’t get that! Okay, I’m going to break it down from my point of view and remember I said everyone has an opinion. 

In my way of thinking, “mind of the people” represents a group of people that have come together and formed a consensus of how they want the world to view them or how that group is expressing themselves to an audience or the world in general. Almost like a mission statement or a cause. So even if these people are of different mindsets, backgrounds and what have you they still have come together and are supposed to be moving in unity: so groups, clubs, associations, fraternities and so forth function on this accord. Does that make sense now?      

I’m not talking about the people that get caught up in fads either, that’s a whole nother discussion!

Now on the other hand the mind of a people to me are people who not come together in any shape form or fashion, but have some of the same characteristics as others. Like the guys who walk around with their pants on the ground, now these guys have never met or come together to decide this is how we’re going to do this, it’s just a mindset; or when disaster strikes and people come to the aid of others. You got me? Well the latter has been on my mind for some time and I’ve been wanting to write about it, but it’s so sensitive I’ve had a difficult time putting it into words. I think the best thing I can do is share what I think about it and let you do the same, think about it. 


Monday, 8 April 2013

Brother can you spare a dime?

Welcome! I hope everyone had a good week and that you are looking forward to tomorrow!  I know I am! 

I don’t know where this week’s post is going to take us since I kind of sort of feel like I’m on a share lockdown right about now. Huh, what’s that you say!? Well the best way for me to answer would be for me to say; I have a lot of things I want to share with you, but I’m not ready to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. Give me a week or two and I’ll do my best to fill you in and take you out of suspense, that is if you're in suspense.

So in the mean time I’m going to share some random thoughts and experiences from this past week.

I’ve been praying about my decisions and directions in life to make sure I’m on the right course and asked GOD for a sign to let me know. Well, I planted a pineapple plant in my backyard here about 4 years ago as an associate looked on. On one of her recent visits as we were in my backyard she commented. “Pineapples must take a long time to grow”. I told her that after all this time the pineapple wasn’t going to grow and that it has become a very large and beautiful non fruit bearing plant.  Well one day last week I went out in my backyard and was marveling at GOD’s glory and looked down at the pineapple plant and there it was, a baby pineapple. Now I think that’s clearly a sign! 

Like in the states people that beg here tend to hang around areas associated with money; banks and grocery stores mostly. Anyway when most of them see me or any foreigner they almost run to you, often times dragging behind a blind or otherwise infirmed person. Recently I was the supermarket and beggars on foot, in wheelchairs and crutches literally chased me from place to another. Geez! I felt like I was walking through a flock of pigeons. Because there were so many of them on the chase nobody got any thing. All I wanted to do was escape. When it’s able bodied women with children I refer them my organization’s literacy program. But this day, phew! Sometimes I’ll ask them, “You see all these other people around you, why not ask them as well and stop targeting me because you think I have money.” And when you’ve given to them in the past they treat you as you’re a returning customer when they see you and hurry to you. This has annoyed me for such a long time. Not giving, but the targeting part of it. 

That is until today, I had a revelation. An epiphany! What I heard in myself, my spirit today when a young girl that was leading a blind man in my direction while I was sitting outside my gym waiting on a taxi. I was thinking to myself that they looked familiar and I could tell she was thinking the same thing of me. I went on to think, “Don’t target me”, when I heard it deep within. “When Jesus was in an area there would be throngs of people around him and his disciples were there as well, but the people didn’t shout for just anybody in the crowd. They didn’t shout after or for His disciples. They shouted for Jesus and they shouted for Him because they knew He had something for them!” BOOM!!!!! So I will do my best to no longer see myself as a target, but as someone special to them, because in their mind they think I have something for them.  I’ve been convicted! To GOD be the glory! I’m not saying I’ll give to everyone all the time, that’s the purpose of creating my organization; a way to help many. But I will definitely view the mindset of these beggars differently.  

Looks like a sign to me!

Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm just saying!

I trust that everyone had a blessed weekend and holiday, although here today is still a part of the holiday weekend.

This past week has been filled with the excitement that comes from anticipation. I’m on pins and needles, but yet feeling comfortable! Now you have to figure that out on your own because that’s the best way I can put it. Details later!

Last week I spoke of the rumbling in the atmosphere and I was referring to my world, but now I want to share some of my reflections on worldly goings on because I think you may understand. That’s if you have a caring heart and if you don’t I hope what I write moves you to care. 

I don’t intend to rant, but I can’t be the only person in the world that’s notices how much darkness people are inviting into the world. Truly what you put in you get out. You can’t plant an apple seed and get a peach. Same thing for the seeds we plant in our minds. 

I watch television via satellite here with the majority of the stations coming from the Middle East and Egypt. Out of the almost 700 or so odd channels about 15 or so are in English. So much of the programming is the same as in the states, although some series may be a year or two behind, but some are tit for tat. I’ve actually watched movies and series here that I didn’t know existed. A couple of my favorite series that are new are, “2 Broke Girls” and “Boss”. Oh yeah, those same fast food companies are advertised as well like Dominos, Pizza Hut, KFC, Hardy's, Mc'D, Burger King and many others but with dietary changes to meet the needs of the people.

What get’s me is out of all those channels, even the ones in Arabic are showing movies and series with graphic, really graphic violence. I can turn on just about any station and see blood splattered from gaping wounds, hear women called b----es, whores and yet the word pork, pig or words pertaining to swine is bleeped out, yes totally censored. Now it’s the same for programming in the states in fact all over, because these programs are mainly, 98% from the states.

When I turn to MTV most all of the women in the videos are so scantly clad they might as well be naked. Talented women that have been in the business for years are joining in this skin fest. Even if I like the music it turns me off because I'm not into naked women. So this makes me wonder if consumer reports say that everyone buying and downloading music are males, because a naked woman does not make me want to download their music.

Not to mention the warmongers. Geez! Huh, that!? It seems that some people just don’t know anything else but confusion.

With all this going on some still have the audacity to be shocked and appalled by what they see and complain while pointing fingers. 

I want each of us to stop, stop for a few minutes and look at the state of where you are at and then world events. Let it penetrate that deep space within you. Now once you’re passed the sad feeling begin to ask GOD what you can do to make it better because prayer changes things and it starts with you.

It doesn’t take a lot of money or all your time. It could be as simple as writing a letter or petition to Hollywood asking them to tone down the violence and sex: same with the music. You can choose to recycle a can, a bottle, some paper; just one time will make a big difference to the environment. Extend yourself to someone you don’t know. There are many things you can do to make a change. I’m not saying do it all, choose your battles, but please choose! It’s up to each of us individually and collectively to fix what’s broken in ourselves, families, communities, nations and the world. If we don’t work to fix it, one day it will affect or infect you!