Saturday, 27 June 2015

Putting money in your pocket!

Peace and blessings to one and all.

We are to walk in love and be a blessing to one another. Many people say why does GOD do this or doesn’t do that. Well GOD gave mankind dominion and many of those things we’re waiting on or wondering why it hasn’t been done is because it’s up to us. HE put us here for each other.
We all have something to share with each other so this week I’m sharing some valuable information that can save you some money and in some cases put money in your pocket.

The first two pieces of information concern the cost of healthcare whether you have or don’t have health insurance:
  • HELP WITH MEDICATION COST: Most major pharmaceutical companies have programs where they will give you prescribed medications free or at a discounted price, especially if there is no generic form available. Contact the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the medication and they will you send you out a form to complete to qualify for this option. They may even send you free samples with the doctor's prescription and make sure you ask your doctor for free samples.
  • HOSPITAL CHARITY CARE: Most hospitals if not all have charity care. These are funds set aside for those in need. Even if you have insurance and are at a certain income level you can apply for charity care at your hospital once you’ve acquired a bill that you cannot pay. Call the accounting department of the hospital you are indebted to and ask them if it is available and the hospital will send you a form to complete to see if you are eligible.  If you qualify you could end up with zero balance or a reduce amount.
Now this next section has information that concerns housing. The links I’m using are for Illinois, but you can use these links to research similar links and programs in your area.

  • These two links puts many back in your pocket when you buy or use energy efficient appliances and accessories.

  • These next two links are for assistance with paying energy bills if you qualify.

  • This last link is for those in the market to purchase a home. Trust me, there are grants out there to help with your down payment and in some cases pay the entire amount. These grants are available through state and federal government, and in some cases you may qualify for both.

GOD bless you!

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