Friday, 5 June 2015

The Question!

Here we are again! Peace and blessings to you, your homes and families. I hope you are basking in GOD’s love for you and living in gratitude no matter the situation. Now I know for many that may be easier said than done, but when you have overcome as many adversities as I have you learn to be grateful and hopeful no matter what. I hope your week has been pleasant and that you’ve had a chance to be a blessing to someone else.

Last week in my post, “You’re the Hero” I touched on the power of women. I want to talk about that a little more, but we’re not going to stay on that point. When I was teen/pre-teen I said to myself that one day I would have an organization to help girls and women. I said it because I was going through so much alone and I knew that if I was feeling that way, it had to be other girls in the same situation. There’s always, always someone around to tell you the wrong thing or lead you astray, but very few to offer loving constructive criticisms. The same thing applies for adult females. Many so called girlfriends fail to give positive corrective, even directive information to each other. Many choose to just give a nod or high five and tell the other party what they want to hear. I don’t want any girlfriends or acquaintances like that. If my clothes, behavior, or relationships are out of order I want the kind of women around me that can be the neck in our friendship and help me see me.

So I guess that brings me to our point of thought this week, motivation and inspiration. So often, too often individuals and groups of people are looking to be lead. What’s so troubling is that many of those looking for a leader don’t have a destination in mind, they just want to be lead away from where they’re at or a situation they may be living in. If you must choose a leader you better make sure you understand their game plan and destination or else you can end up drinking from a cup that can be the death of you spiritually, mentally and even physically.

One of the most important questions that was ever asked of me was when I was less than seven years old. I was asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up”? Wow! That’s a big question for a kid, but it opened my mind to wonder and ponder that question. I probably gave a childlike answer like princess, ballerina or cowgirl, but I seriously began to wonder and pandered that question. What a motivating and inspiring question. I remember when I asked my children the same question and the amazement in their eyes as they began to wonder themselves.

That’s where it all starts, motivation and inspiration that is. A simple question. I find that many parents don’t ask their children that question, probably because nobody asked them. It’s never too late though to ask someone that question, it could change their life. Once we grasp the power that we possess we all will begin to realize and recognize we are all leaders, some great some small, but a leader none the less.   

It’s our words and deeds that can and will move mountains! We can move them for ourselves and others by being encouraging and motivating. We should strive to inspire others in a loving and positive way. Stop the back biting, gossiping and pulling another down. Learn to be humble and not always right. And for the sake of the innocent please stop the violence! All this negative energy is messing with the atmosphere. Probably at the root of climate change!

Be a light or beacon to someone. Change your attitude and walk in love and you’ll see that love come back to you. IJS   
Do it with Love!

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