Thursday, 28 May 2015

You're the Hero!

Hey there, peace and blessings to one and all. I pray that you are safe, hopeful and spreading GOD’s love as well as receiving it! Thank GOD I was able to move into a smaller brace today on my right ankle, downsizing from the DME Boot I’ve been wearing for the past 4 weeks. Whoohoo!

In the last two postings to my blog I explained my why I had not posted since last October and I hope you understand and accept my sincere apology for the inconsistent post. Prayerfully now I can get back on track with filling you in on this journey.

In fact it seems like so much in my life slowed down, almost stopped during this process of healing. When just about every step you take is painful you tend to move only when necessary and that’s a downer. My motivation and creativity seemed to hide on a shelf that was very difficult for me to reach, even on my tippy toes. Don’t worry, I didn’t get hooked on pain pills, even though they are readily available. To me they only dull your brain and not the pain.
Moving forward, and remember that’s what we always want to do. No going back!

In the post that proceeded my hiatus, “It’s in Your Power” I talked about your power in GOD to see beyond your situation and the power of your credit score! But today we going to take it in a different direction. Believe me if you don’t know your power, give it away or are unable to control it, well then you are a slave to whatever and whoever. You’ll find yourself blaming others, situations and things for you mistakes or lack. Many of us are giving our power away freely these days as if it’s nothing important. Today I want to talk about the power of the neck, woman.

Woman, the neck that turns the head! There’s another expression, “Behind every great man there’s a great woman”! When women talk men listen, that’s it in the nutshell. Look what happened to Adam, Samson, and even Solomon, supposedly the wisest man. They all listened to women and it changed the course of history, our very lives. Now we can debate this if you’d like, but this is my opinion with truth and facts woven into its being.

I’m going to tell you now my female readers this may hurt, in many cases the truth does.  While assessing what’s going on in society today I see where we as women have dropped the ball. Yep, I said it and will stand by it. Especially when I look at how so many so called men behave these days. As a community and individually we complain about the males with their pants hanging down, men not working while sitting at home playing video games and so forth and so on. We also complain how men view women as objects and how disrespectful some can be. Yet so many women accepted the term “baby’s momma”, while being demoted from the mother of my child. Now which one has a more significant sound, baby mama or the mother of my child? When I first heard the expression I just knew it would be a fly by night saying and yet here in 2015 it’s become a mainstream term.

Ladies, we’ve got to tighten up! If we didn’t allow our sons to wear their pants down or bring men into our homes with their pants down trust me they’d pull them up. In my thinking, if you require more you’ll get more, but it seems these days so many females are playing limbo, how low can you go. Not I’m far from perfect and have made some mistakes, but like I said earlier we should always move forward and not backward.

Even when I did dirt I didn’t do it in front of my kids when they were around. I didn’t want them to pick up my unfruitful ways so I’d put my best foot forward. Now nothings hidden, the cursing, frequently changing partners, just any form of vulgarity is done in front of and to children, and yet we expect them excel. That’s like telling someone to drive the car while their sitting on a tricycle.

I’m not looking down on anyone because I know it can be rough, but we’re the only ones that can smooth out the roughness. No one is coming to the rescue. It’s not “their” problem and nobody can fix us as individuals but GOD and we ourselves. If we want change it’s us ladies that have to bring it about.  We’ve got to learn to close our legs and open my minds. Close our doors to drama and pick up a helpful book. Raise our children instead of raising hell. Accept and acknowledge this is on us, pull up the big girls panties and nurture ourselves, families and communities.  
Are you a Superwoman?

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