Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Don't Let the 1st Step Stop You!

Peace and blessings to one and all! Thanks for joining me along this journey. I do pray that my journey is an inspiration to others and that the information I share enriches you or someone you may know. I pray that GOD’s light shines through my words and that darkness flees as you embrace that light.

Last week I left off at that horrific fall that more than proved that I’m not double jointed as I slid down those stairs like I was coming hot into home base. It’s amazing how many and how fast things can go through your mind in the midst of any traumatic event.  I could go on about that, but let’s get back to where I left off last week.
Anyway, I chuckled at my situation and hoped no one came along until I got it together. I would’ve been embarrassed if someone would’ve seen me like that. Now isn’t that backwards? Our pride can be a terrible thing. 

As I looked around for my purse I began to map out in my mind how to position myself to stand while at the same time grab my purse that had flown out of reach. There was only one handrail that I could grab on to and geez, it was on the wrong side. Thank GOD my arms weren’t hurt I thought to myself as I grab the hand railing with my left hand to pull and with my right hand I push myself onto my feet with most of my weight on my left leg. I was up, yay! My right leg hurt from the toes on up! I bent over with a stretch and grabbed my purse before trying to take a step so I could have my phone to call 911 just in case. I slowly shifted some of my weight onto my right leg and let go of the railing. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My door was only a couple of steps away. Now that I could stand the greatest test was could I walk. At first I was afraid to take a step because I knew my leg could be broken, but I had to fight the pain and try to take those steps to get inside. I also knew that if it was broken and I tried to walk on it I could cause some more serious damage. I prayed and thanked GOD for blessing me because I could’ve been hurt beyond what I was experiencing. I fished my keys from the right pocket of my coat and took a small step with my left leg leading. OUCH!!!!!! Keeping as much weight as possible off my right leg I made it inside. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, is all I could say!

I said all that to update you on why I have been absent from my blog since October 4, 2014. I fell 7 months prior to this and had really been trying to deal with the pain and discomfort. I’ve been through so much in life that all I know how to do is keep it moving, but posting in my blog was something I had to put on hold.  

I’m still recovering from that fall and since I stopped posting last October I’ve had three rounds of physical therapy, soon to begin the fourth and two surgeries. A torn meniscus and broken cartilage in my right knee and what they thought was a severe sprain to my right ankle turned out to be torn tendon and ligament damage to my right ankle. Well the cast is off and stitches are out, but I still have to wear a “Robocop” looking boot when I walk, but I’m thankful to be on the mend.

Hopefully the severity of the situation has passed and my words begin to flow again like a sweet melody.


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